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AILA (The Italian Academy of Applied Linguistics) organises exams to certify Italian language knowledge at different levels: A1, A2 (elementary levels 1 and 2); B1, B2 (intermediate levels 1 and 2); C1, C2 (advanced levels 1 and 2).


These exams (with a maximum duration of two hours) are held in Florence in locations specially selected by AILA and are supervised by the Academy’s member teachers.

Those students that successfully pass their exam will receive a diploma certifying their corresponding knowledge of the Italian language.

The objective of these exams is the certification of language competence in accordance with the European Framework of Reference.


To sit the exams, please apply to:
You’ll receive the necessary information by e-mail.

These exams are open to all students attending Italian language and culture courses in Florence, whether they have received an AILA study grant or not.


Private Lessons
AILA also provides private lessons. All students attending courses in Florence can request the help of a private tutor (a teacher who is member of the Academy) for personal sessions in grammar or conversation over a good coffee or cappuccino.

The charges are as follows:


Certification exam: €24,00
Private Lesson , 1 hr.: €25,00
Private Lessons, 5 hrs.: €110,00
Private Lessons, 10 hrs.: €210,00


The exercise book and the coffee are free of charge.